Teamwork pays off!!!

The latest issue of Women’s Health & Fitness Australia is very exciting…  The cover features the beautiful Ainsley McSorley, which we shot with amazing Hair & Make Up by Val Nova of Two Chicks and Some Lipstick.


Above : Ainsley McSorley featured on the cover

Also inside, is a workout featuring the also beautiful Monica Winn! Conrats to Monica for being featured in a shoulder workout! Monica is an ALLMAX sponsored athlete, bikini model, mom of two and an amazing person.

Womens Health & Fitness - Monica Winn

Above: Monica Winn featured in a shoulder workout

Congrats to ALLMAX for the success of their athletes!


The workout is written by my wife and extraordinary athlete, Nichelle Laus. Nichelle is a kickboxing instructor, personal trainer, competition coach and fitness personality, oh and a mom of 4 boys under 7!  Nichelle is a regular fitness article contributor to various fitness magazines and publications, and naturally, we work together to provide our clients submissions and get them exposure. We work together with various magazines, providing the photos and accompanying fitness article and/or feature.  There are benefits working with Team Laus 🙂

 Nichelle Laus Contributor

Click HERE to visit Nichelle’s website or click HERE to contact me to book your shoot !!!

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