Team O’Brien Hits SESSIONS Studios

The Team O’Brien team hit Sessions Studios today to shoot with me. Eleven girls, including coach Mindi O’Brien and her mother ! The Team O’Brien girls teamed up and treated their busy coach and mentor, Mindi O’Brien to a photoshoot session. In total, we shot 11 fit women today, all of them beautified by Make Up Artists Val Nova and Luisa Duran. It was a fun and long day filled with lots of laughs and good pictures.

Featured below is a team picture that we took of the girls lifting weights, hitting a bag, lifting medicine balls, curling kettle bells, dumbells and barbells.


It was a pleasure to work with such a great team. It is obvious that they are a family and have much love for their coach, but of course who wouldn’t ? She is so sweet, and obviously practices in what she preaches. She has an unbelievable physique!  You can learn more about Team O’Brien by clicking HERE.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!!!

Dave 🙂


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