So You Want To Make It As A Fitness Model?

So You Want To Make It As a Fitness Model?

By: Jaime Filer

We’ve all seen the guy on Instagram who takes all his photos in front of the same gym mirror. Or, the chick that did a photoshoot in the park after her first bikini competition, and is reusing the same photos … One year later.

Don’t be that guy/girl.

Just as you get bored of seeing the same Insta-famous models taking the same Insta-famous pictures, so too do talent agents and brand marketers get tired of seeing the same photos. Let’s look at Reebok as an example. They are one of the biggest and most recognizable brands in the world. They have half a dozen different Instagram accounts for different subsidiaries of the company (Reebok women, Reebok Canada, Reebok Classic, Crossfit, etc.). They make jerseys for the NFL and NHL, they sponsor the Crossfit Games, and they sponsor the UFC. To say they’re a multifaceted company is an understatement. They’re no longer just tennis shoes and The Pump; they’re an entire online movement, with hundreds of different athletes and models.

So let’s say you’re trying to build your brand, and get Reebok’s attention. You post consistently wearing their sports bras and sneaks (you know the ones), and tag them in everything. Your abs are on point, your eyebrows look good, and the lighting is perfect, but Reebok isn’t getting the hint. Why not? Because all your photos look the same! Whether you’re rotating between your bathroom mirror, Lululemon changerooms, or the gym, your smile, your look, and your mirror always look the same. Reebok is bored, and frankly, so are we. You cannot and should not rely on the same angles, same poses, and same lighting all the time.

This is where you spend a little money on a professional photographer, and take yourself out of your comfort zone, literally and figuratively. When you buy a photoshoot, you are buying a new set of eyes. You’re buying a professional whose sole job it is to make you look good. No, look GREAT, and more importantly, look different. Do one shoot against a white backdrop (because you never know when you’ll get that cover). Do another outside running through a trail. Then another in the kitchen, cooking your favorite ‘clean eating’ recipe. That way, you’ll show your followers (and Reebok) that there’s more to you than just that one time you did a competition. In fact, you’re shooting yourself in the foot by always posting the same contest photos. Name brands aren’t interesting in 5% bodyfat; they’re interesting in relatable, lifestyle-type physiques. You want your physique to be good enough that it’s attainable, but just above average enough that you inspire and motivate people to be/do better and train harder.

Take my advice, book a real, professional shoot for the gym, then book another one for the outdoor park. Then another one for a kitchen. And when Reebok hits you up on IG, tell them I sent you.


(Good through 2018)

Given everything I’ve just said, you should realize it’s important to shoot multiple times per year, in various shapes, sizes, and locales. Dave wants to help you build your portfolio.

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About the Author: Jaime Filer

Jaime is a journalist, serial competitor, crossfitter, Personal trainer and Super League Lightweight Pro. You can learn more about Jaime by clicking HERE.

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