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Tips for a successful photo shoot by Nichelle Laus, recently published in Inside Fitness Magazine’s Feb/March 2013 issue

You have booked a photo shoot and are so excited to show off all your hard work and dedication. You may also be feeling a little overwhelmed, but with a little preparation and planning, you can pull this off.

Here are some helpful tips on how to make your photo shoot a successful one:


This is your day to showcase your beautiful body that you have worked so hard to get. It’s also time to represent you as a person. Think about what your goal of the day is. What does this photo shoot mean to you? Are you going to use the images for personal use, magazine submissions, business portfolio? Share your goal with the photographer so that you are both are on the same page that day.


Take some time to decide what different themes you would like to have. This works hand in hand with your goals. Some theme ideas are: bikini wear, sporty fitness, sexy fitness, mma, lingerie, casual, funky, retro, dressy, business.


Most models have a tendency to not bring enough clothing! A theme, goal, or idea can change or arise at any time, so make sure you have a variety of clothes to choose from.

Prepare your wardrobe according to your goals and themes. For example, if your goal is to use your images for magazine submissions, and your theme is fitness, choose clothing according to what you see the models in their magazine wearing.

Bring lots of color! Black and white are great staple colors, but they will get blended in the background if the photographer works with white or black backdrops.

A favorite item I never forget is the seamless underwear/booty shorts. They are so versatile for any theme or style, and are relatively inexpensive.

You can always find a lot of wardrobe ideas at second hand stores. The items are inexpensive and you won’t feel bad if something gets oil, tanning product, or make-up on it. You can also cut or tear up the material that day without worrying that you spent a fortune on it.

Leave store tags on the clothing items so they can be returned if you don’t get a chance to wear them during your shoot.


Bring shoes that obviously compliment your wardrobe, style, and themes but again, don’t make the mistake of not bringing enough. I use my clear competition heels at every photo shoot.  They are a great way to enhance the definition in your leg muscles for the camera. Some other options are high boots, heels, and running shoes.


Bring it all! Big, fun, and colorful jewelry, sunglasses, hats, knee socks, funky tights, you name it. You never know when an idea will come up mid photo shoot and you don’t want to be stuck without having all the extras!


Ask the photographer if there are any props on set or location that can be used during the photo shoot. If you have something that would help compliment your theme, bring it along.


Look through magazines for help on different looks, poses, and expressions. Practice your own poses and expressions in front of a mirror to get an idea what looks great. Get comfortable, stay natural, and work it, you don’t want to be camera-shy the day of the photo shoot.


Start exfoliating your skin a week prior to the shoot, and get your body hair waxed so your skin is nice and smooth. I always recommend a dark enough spray tan (not competition color) because a light skin tone will get washed out with all the bright lights.


Your nails should be properly manicured. They don’t necessarily have to be painted, just clean and presentable. A manicure/pedicure is recommended a couple of days before the photo shoot.


Hair and make-up can make or break the photo shoot. Hire an experienced make-up artist/hair stylist for the photo shoot. Find one that will remain with you for the entire shoot to change up your looks according to your different themes. The photographer may have a make-up artist included in the price already, or if not, may be able to recommend a good one. Come to the photo shoot with washed hair and a clean face.


Finding out the details of your payment in advance will save you time and embarrassment the day of the photo shoot. Bringing cash is always the easiest as most photographers will not accept cheques and don’t have debit or credit card machines.

Contact the photographer for any other questions or concerns. Ask if there is anything that you can do to help the day go smoother. Plan ahead and leave early for any unexpected emergencies or delays such as traffic, weather conditions, or car trouble.

Lastly, relax, get comfortable, and enjoy the day. This is your moment to shine!


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