Photographer Of The Year 2018 Award


I lead an extremely busy life. Between having four young boys, a beautiful wife, a 6000 sq/ft gym, and a photography studio, my days are usually jam packed. I love being a busy person, it has a part of me since I was a young kid. I have worked since I was 11 years old, doing every job you could imagine. No matter what I did, I put my full effort in it, and succeeded because of it.

Recently I was presented with an award by Muscle Insider Magazine, as Photographer of The Year for 2018. I never expected this, I never even had a hint that this was coming, and I was purely shocked last weekend to be presented this award by Scott Welch and Domenic Mauro. Scott gave such a heartfelt speech, that was truly touching for me. With the everyday hustle and bustle I go through, I never stopped to think about some of the great things he commended me for.  I appreciated that speech, and I truly am honoured to receive such an award.

I always try and do whatever I can for my clients on and off set. Whether it means making a fool of myself at my expense to make them laugh, to staying longer to meet their needs, to working hard behind the scenes to get them published. I strive to give everyone a great experience on set and afterwards. This is something that I promise I will always do.

As 2018 comes to an end, I am excited for what we will bringing in 2019. New opportunities, new relationships and lots of hustle to continue the momentum.

It takes a village, and I could not do this alone. I always have mad love for the amazing make up artists that I work with, Two Chicks and Some Lipstick and Christina Mehling. Amanda Clarke, our Creative Director at StudioTwo22, and of course my wife Nichelle Laus, who is always so supportive and my rock. Also my team at NL Magazine, Rico Marques and Michael DeMedeiros, who I am excited to work with and build on NL Magazine as the voice for women.



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