Nichelle Laus Photoshoot

So today we were at Session Studios, shooting Nichelle Laus. Other than being my wife and mother to our 3 sons and another son on the way, Nichelle Laus is a Fitness Model, Kickboxing Instructor, Competition Coach, Motivational Speaker, & Police Officer. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

We were shooting pictures in pregnancy clothing for a new clothing line coming out in the market shortly, as well as pregnancy fitness pictures to highlight her upcoming Pregnancy Fitness DVD. At 9 months pregnant, some women would be doing nothing but resting in bed, waiting for the big day, tired, sore and relaxing… BUT Nichelle decided that she would start throwing some kicks in front of the camera, like she did 9 months ago with no baby belly.  Here is the picture. I added a short statement to it to honour her determination. As she has done 3 times before, she will not let anything stop her, and build her amazing physique post baby within a few months and continue to inspire and motivate other women and moms out there.

AWESOME hair and make up by Lori Fabrizio of Two Chicks and Some Lipstick

Nichelle Laus Pregnant

Nichelle Laus trained and competed in Kickboxing at Tri-Star gym in Montreal for 7 years. After moving to Ontario, she competed in amateur boxing, and eventually transitioned into the Fitness Industry as a competitive athlete. During her journey, Nichelle has instructed and trained many women in “Western” style kickboxing and boxing.

It was a fun day !!! I am a lucky man, today just proved it even more to me 🙂


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