Why You Need Professional Make Up for a Photoshoot

Often times, I get a request to shoot without  my make up artist team. Clients contact me and request pricing for commercial projects or personal portfolios and don’t want to spend the money for quality professional make up.  Of course you can save money by doing your own hair and make up, or hiring someone who is cheaper, but you get what you pay for.  Poor make up and hair may not only ruin the potential of the photoshoot, but it can also limit your self confidence. There is something about having your hair and make up done, it makes you look good, which in turn makes you feel good. There is something about the whole experience. BUT, thats exactly what it should be… an experience!  Poor make up and hair can lower your self esteem and drastically affect the way you model.

Loria Fabrizio & Stephanie Joanne IMG_2273Above: Stephanie Joanne being beautified by Lori Fabrizio of Two Chicks & Some Lipstick

A Make Up Artist should be just that… an artist! Think of your face as a canvass, left to the imagination of the artist to paint it and make it beautiful. Dont’ be afraid to check out the credentials of the Make Up Artists that are being used on set at your shoot. Ask for references if you want, if people had a good experience, they will have no problems sharing it. If they had a bad experience, I’m sure they won’t mind sharing that too.

The next time you book a photoshoot, or book a Make up Artist for your fitness competition or event, think about how much money and time you’ve invested in your physique… Its worth the extra money to get a quality, professional make up artist to beautify you… You will be glad you did!!!

Did you know?   Two Chicks & Some Lipstick offer Make Up Seminars for those who are looking how to improve their make up skills on themselves for everyday life. These seminars may be available during my travel shootouts, or locally at the studio. Contact Val Nova or Lori Fabrizio for more information.

Val Nova & Melissa Morrison

Above : Valeria Nova of Two Chicks & Some Lipstick beautifies model Melissa Morrison

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