Muscle Insider Magazine’s New Chief Photographer

I am extremely excited to announce that I have signed on as Muscle Insider Magazine’s Chief Photographer. As the Chief Photographer, I am responsible for shooting most of the magazine’s covers and inside content. This offers many more exposure opportunities for my clients, as the magazine is always looking for stock imagery, interesting features and workouts to publish online and in print. I am excited to join this great team of exceptional professionals, making it the best bodybuilding and fitness magazine in Canada. What I love most about this magazine is it is not filled with “filler” articles and content that some magazines tend to revert to, but rather they use real experts to produce high quality content and that’s important.

I am looking forward to working with Muscle Insider at the big pro events and shooting with some top fitness celebrities at events such as the Arnold Sports Festival and the Mr. Olympia. Even though I am the Chief Photographer for this rockstar magazine, I am not limited to submissions and opportunities with the other magazines that I will continue to work with.

We will be teaming up and planning some great events in the future with Muscle Insider at our gym facility in Toronto, Optimum Training Centre, such as Deadlift Challenges and other unique competitions.

Here is the official announcement as featured in the magazine:




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