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Jana Webb, is the founder of Joga House, which teaches an exercise style which bridges the gap between traditional yoga and the biometrics of sports. She was selected to be featured on the cover of Optimyz Magazine, and was booked in for a photoshoot with us. When I sent her the details of the shoot, I was surprised to be sent a non-disclosure agreement by a production company, requesting to film Jana at the shoot for footage for an upcoming show. What I didn’t know was, Jana had been selected as one of the main women to be featured on Slice TVs show, Real Housewives of Toronto.

Fast forward to the photoshoot.  We had an amazing day on set shooting different looks for the magazine cover, and of course a full Joga Workout feature. Lori Fabrizio of Two Chicks and Some Lipstick was on set for her Make Up & Hair, and we shot with Jana inside StudioTwo22 and the gym area at OTC Toronto.

I wasn’t clear on when the show would air, and we couldn’t speak about it to anyone. It was so hard to keep it in, and I remember we kept searching for an announcement. Then it happened… One night I was at home with Nichelle and the kids. I recieved a text message from a friend saying “Hey I think I just saw you on Real Housewives of Toronto”.  Then another one, and another one. My phone started to go crazy with messages from people asking if I was just on the show. Of course, by the time I went to look myself, I missed our feature.

I managed to find the feature thanks to time shifting and I was pretty excited. It was a great opportunity that I am thankful for. Although I only said a couple of lines, you could clearly see and hear that it was me.


To watch the episode, click HERE


The magazine came out long before the show, and of course Jana looked amazing in her cover and feature. Since then, I have been lucky to work with Jana on a few more projects.  She is a remarkable woman. After filming the first season for Real Housewives of Toronto, she was involved in a serious vehicle collision while out of the country. Luckily she survived and rehabilitated herself back to being healthy.


If you want to know more about Joga, click HERE 



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