3 Things Fitness Models Can Do To Help Get Published

Almost every model that we have worked with has stated that they would love to get published into a magazine. I wish I could get everyone that we shoot published, but it’s not always possible. Getting published is a team effort between the model, the photographer and make up artists. The photographer can provide you with the pictures, and the make up artist with the proper make up looks for the magazines that you are submitting for, but there are definitely some things that the model can do to give them an advantage over others being submitted. Here are three good examples:

GET A WEBSITE FOR YOURSELF – Think of your website as an online resume. It’s an opportunity to advertise yourself, the way that you want to, with pictures, video’s and words. Simply put, if you have a website available, it makes it easier to find out more information about you. Picture this… your photos are submitted to a magazine and they decide to check out your website to find out more about you. If you don’t have one, what does that say about your professionalism and commitment to fitness modelling? If you search the names of most cover models, you will find that they all have websites. No matter how new to the fitness industry you are, a website goes a long way in selling YOU. It doesn’t have to be an expensive, complicated website. A simple and clean website goes a long way.  Below is an example of my wife, Fitness Expert, Model and Trainer, Nichelle Laus. First glance, you get a quick view and see that she has previously been published, has some sort of skill in boxing, is fit and strong, and it explains all of the services that she offers as a business.



BUILD YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE – Similar importance to having a website, social media is a powerful tool that can help get your name out there. Using various media, you can get people intersted in YOU or your brand. Building an organic group of followers, no matter how big or small, will always work towards your benefit. Here’s a real life scenario. Two models get submitted for a cover possibility with a magazine. The staff at the magazine decide to check the social media handles of both candidates. One of the models, has a large social media following versus the other model having a small social media presence. The magazine is looking to sell magazines. If they choose someone who has a strong following, they are more likely to sell more magazines. Being active on social media will help develop your following. Use it as a tool to help build your brand. For the most part, most social media handles are free, or offer ways to pay to provide additional exposure to build a following organically. Yes, these days you can buy followers, but for the most part, that process is transparent.


WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT ?- There are thousands of fitness models out there worldwide. What makes you different? Maybe its a great transformation, or something tragic or traumatic that you survived. Maybe you have a special talent, or hobby that makes you interesting such as cooking. You need to find what will make you marketable to publications and make you stand out and be different. Being in good shape and great looking may not be enough. Sit down and write down what you think makes you different, and then expand on those items and have a ready-to-go story that will help sell you. You can provide this with your submissions to give you an advantage over others. This is extremely important, you need to build yourself as a brand!!! There are even Branding coaches out there that can help you. Below is an example of Gordana Jankovic ‘s feature in Strong Fitness Magazine that we shot.  It focuses on how she won her battle against cancer and used crossfit to get fit. People want to read about these things because it’s motivating and makes for an interesting story. 

Gordana Jakopcevic -Strong


Of course there are many other factors that can give you an advantage with your submissions, but these three are very important to at least start with. Just like preparing for a fitness competition, it takes a lot of dedication and planning. It may require an investment on your part, to build a photo portfolio, web and social media design, but think about how much time and money you put into competition preparation. How many models have been published just from winning a competition? Not many.

We recently started offering a consultation process for models. For a fee, Two Chicks and Some Lipstick will meet with you prior to the photoshoot, and help prepare all of your looks for the day of your photoshoot, and even help with shopping if needed. This is an unbelievable tool to make sure you get exactly what you need during your photoshoot, and can help you succeed in getting the right looks and pictures for all of the above. For more information, about this service, click HERE. 

For some tips on Things To Help You Prepare For a Photoshoot, click HERE .

Thanks for reading! Wishing you much success!!!


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