3 Simple Do’s and Don’ts of Photoshoots

Anyone can buy a photography session. Anyone can slap on some athletic clothes and call themselves a “Fitness Model.” And (almost) anyone can develop a following of 10k people or more on Instagram who admire them for their #Fitspo or #AbGoals.


But what separates the ‘Good’ from the ‘Great’? What makes one person’s photos POP, while another’s just looks like a glorified selfie? What gives someone that IT factor that’ll sky rocket them into InstaStardom?

We’ll tell you…

What Not To Do:

1) Don’t post your entire shoot collection online at once.


You may be excited, but you have to use the shots wisely, and ‘spend’ them carefully, like you would money. Posting all the pictures at once, i.e. All the photos from the same shoot on back-to-back-to-back days/weeks, gives away the opportunity to use them to make informative posts. More importantly, it also decreases the likelihood of submission opportunities (magazines won’t generally use pictures already posted on social media), and lastly, it destroys the opportunity to use the pictures spread out over a period of time. No one wants to see variations of the exact same photo every day for a month. Think of your photos like money in a bank account; plan and use them tactically based on your marketing/branding goals.

2) Don’t add poor filters to your professional photos, or post low-res versions of photos.

There is nothing worse then posting a really low-resolution picture of yourself that you already have in good quality, and paid good money for. If you have the high-resolution version, professionally edited, why not use that? It looks bad on you and the photographer, and doesn’t accurately reflect the professionalism and reputation of you to your followers. Adding bad or inappropriate filters makes the picture look cheesy, and takes away from the professionalism that you paid for.

3) Don’t cheap out on photos.

Do your research, and spend quality money on your photoshoot; think of it as an investment. Cheaper is usually cheaper for a reason – you get what you pay for. I’ve had lots of models want to book with me, but then go elsewhere because they got a deal, or found my prices too expensive. Then, they end up booking with me anyways, because they were disappointed by what they got, and the quality was bad. They end up paying more in the end because they pay for the ‘cheap’ shoot, then paid for me afterwards as well. Some questions to ask photographers are:

  • What are you getting with the package?
  • Does the photog’s ‘look’ suit your goals?
  • Are the style and pictures suitable for your goals?  If you shoot with a photographer who only likes to shoot sexy; that’s just his or her style, and it works for them. So when you shoot with them, they will not likely give you website content or submission photos, but you will get great sexy stuff guaranteed. Does that work for you and what you need the pictures for? Maybe, but it depends on what you are looking to do with those pictures.

Moral of the story here is don’t skimp out. Spend the money on what you want and need. This is an investment in yourself, so research what you want to get out of it. There are a lot of great photographers out there and that you can choose from.


What To Do:

1) Practice your posing

You need to get the right poses before coming to your shoot. Know in advance what kind of looks suit your face and body. Practice in the mirror leading up to the shoot so that you know what looks good, what angles work best for you. You can use other magazines for inspiration, and use social media to get ideas about looks for styles. The more you practice and get comfortable, the more confident you’ll be on shoot day. Also, if you know how to pose, then the photographer doesn’t have to direct you as much, which means he/she can spend more time snapping pictures.

2) Change up your wardrobe


Bring lots of clothing options to your shoot. Not having enough clothes limits your shoot variety as well as creativity. Bring items that can be mixed and matched. Thrift shops are great for items that are cheap and can be ripped or cut to look better. More is better. Nothing worse then having only one or two outfits and having to do a whole shoot in the same outfit(s), with no variety.

3) Groom yo’self

Get your nails cleaned up or manicured, both hands and feet, and shave/tweeze/wax as much as possible. This rule applies to both men and women! Showing up and looking your best, but having nasty nails (or nails with half nail polish) ruins your look, especially with fine detailing in today’s cameras. The same applies if your tan is off, or you have ingrown hairs. When it comes to tanning, get a light spray tan done professionally to avoid blotches and spots; less post-shoot processing to do, and it just looks better/more professional. Take care of your skin, hydrate, and moisturize prior to the shoot. These are just examples but overall, just get groomed!


There are many more Do’s and Don’ts for your photoshoots, but don’t be afraid to ask others. Whether it’s your first shoot or you’re a seasoned model, there will always be ways you can better prepare yourself for your big day. Speak with others, see what they do to make their shoots successful. Take a deep breath, get a good night’s rest and go crush that shoot like a rockstar!

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