2018 Is Off To A Great Start

I was walking through a Chapter’s Indigo store recently and took a stroll through the magazine section. I love magazines (obviously), and as I went through the newstands I found myself in disbelief. I had found 4 Magazines on newstands in the SAME store that I ad shot covers for! It was an exciting moment for me as I had never seen 4 of my covers on newstands simultaneously.

Nichelle took a quick picture of my proud moment. This doesn’t happen often. When I left a policing career almost 3 years ago, my intention was to hustle and create as many relationships with great magazines as I could and offer as much exposure to my clients as possible. That hard work had finally paid off and it is a good feeling.

I’m super excited to bring on the rest of 2018 as we have a lot of exciting things coming and great opportunities ahead. We are continuously working hard and building relationships with amazing people and our clients will benefit greatly.





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