2014 Inside Fitness Magazine Hot & Fit

The much anticipated 2014 Inside Fitness Magazine Hot & Fit 100 issue is currently out on shelves. Throughout the year, most models that shoot with us throughout the year tell us that they want to shoot Hot & Fit submissions. For 2014, we had 96 models submissions by our team alone. There were over 1000 model submissions in total to the magazine, so you can imagine what a task it is to select the top 100. Congratulations to all those who have been chosen to be in the top 100!!! I would also like to congratulate ALL the women who submitted, because it doesn’t matter whether you actually made it in the issue or not. What really matters is that you had the courage, the motivation and the dedication to be fit and beautiful. For 2015, we will be travelling a little bit more across Canada, shooting at some really cool locations. I have already scouted some amazing spots to host local Hot and Fit shoot days at. Some exciting new backgrounds and sets also will be available at my studio.

I have made an online gallery with a picture of each girl that we submitted for for everyone to see. These women, of various ages and backgrounds, deserve to be seen. I would like to thank Terry Frendo and Joseph Santos from Inside Fitness Magazine for their dedication and support for this contest each year. Click HERE to view the gallery.

Below are the models that are featured in the 2014 Hot and Fit issue:

davelaus 2014 H&F

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